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Jossverse Timeline Project
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The Jossverse Timeline Project is an effort to record and archive a fully accurate account of all events and characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series. We're only working with the canon universe of the television shows. No novels or comics. Our heads would explode.

We need a staff of motivated people to comb through the histories of the characters and the events of each season of both shows. We’re talking EVERY character who ever graced Sunnydale or Angel, Inc. with their presence and every major event that occurred.

Yeah, it’s a massive project, but think how freakin’ cool it would be. Need a date for a fic? Arguing with someone about the lineage of your favorite vamp? Consult the timeline. It’s convenient, educational, and totally bitchin’.

The characters will be researched individually, and I think the best way to cover the seasons is to assign four or five people to take about five episodes at a time and map them out.

If you’re interested in joining the staff, join the community and comment HERE.

I’m not putting a deadline on this thing because I know it’s a monster of a task to slay (Hee, see how I did that, with the punning?). The current priority is getting people involved.

Ideally, the finished project would have a "major events" visual timeline, in depth character bios with personal timelines, a vampire family tree, etc.

But first the research, then the pretty pictures.

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